17 June 2014,

Catering Taquiza en Los Mejores Paquetes Aqui!!!


Catering Taquiza en Houston Otro gran beneficio de las taquizas es que son muy fΓ‘ciles de preparar

We have food service for parties at home, Tacos al Pastor, Fajita Tacos, Steak Tacos, Chicken Tacos, and Frijoles Charros, we design events with the Mexican style, and decoration of centerpieces. We specialize in Taquiza Catering in Houston for the event at home, celebrations, and full-service meals to be delivered at your party or meeting.

Taquiza Catering in Houston at Home We specialize in events for family parties, birthdays, quinceaneras, weddings, sports meetings, and buffet celebrations, you will also be delighted with the exquisite and authentic Mexican food with ingredients from Mexico, and you will be delighted to meet at the next social gathering with good food.

We have a variety of packages and options for Taquiza Catering in Houston that will fit the needs of your event and budget. Only quality products are handled under high hygiene standards.

Catering Taquiza en Houston CONTACTENOS SEGURO TENENOS EL MEJOR PAQUETE con excelente precios.

Taquizas para Fiestas

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